According to a report featured on the Young America’s Foundation website today, a student of Bellarmine College Preparatory High School in San Jose, California has been the target of prejudicial treatment due to his political beliefs – which are, as it happens, less than controversial.

According to the original article by Spencer Brown, after wearing the hat around the school for the briefest of periods Labosky was “cornered by several members of Bellarmine’s Latino Student Union wearing shirts that read “Deport Trump” and “Duck Trump.” These students referred to Labosky’s hat as “offensive” and verbally attacked Labosky with a profanity-laden tirade. Later that day, one of the students confiscated Labosky’s hat and brought it to Patrick Talesfore, the Assistant Dean of Students at Bellarmine.”


(Whether the thugs were aware of Labosky being half Latino himself is unknown.)


It continues:

“According to Jacob, Talesfore pulled Labosky from class, and proceeded to loudly berate him for the incident in front of other students while the two were walking through the school, reportedly referring to Labosky as “racist,” “idiot,” “ignorant,” “gutless,” and alleging Labosky wore the hat “trying to incite fear in these kids.””


As you may know, ICE refers to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a vital and (previously supposed to be) inoffensive government agency.

Following the controversy tailing President Trump’s temporary travel ban and issues surrounding ‘sanctuary cities’ refusing to comply with US law, ICE has become a hot topic.


According to the article published today, none of the other students involved have been disciplined in any way despite confiscating Labosky’s property and arguably bullying him for the crime of wearing a hat, not to mention the potentially objectionable nature of their own attire.


Following the incident and Labosky’s subsequent (and again, less than offensive) Snapchat remarks – “Hat triggers snowflakes. Sent home, not suspended to let them recover and to ‘protect’ me. Support the agencies that keep us safe and protect our freedoms i.e. not just ICE.” – the administration attempted to expel him from the school.


Thankfully, the expulsion was repealed to a suspension following an appeal from Labosky’s mother.

However, Labosky will not be attending classes on campus and will not be attending his own graduation.


How absurd it is that what would once have been considered basic patriotism and gratitude, or at the very least free expression is now grounds to ostracise and condemn a young man.


Furthermore, it seems that following false reports being directed at Labosky’s choice University of Portland in attempts to further damage his education, it is he who is the one writing letters and attempting to undo the damage – not the school administration who are reported to have made it clear to the Labosky family that:

“this is an issue of one person [Jacob] versus the [student] community.”


Conservative journalist and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos posted the story to his Facebook feed along with the caption:

“Supporting law enforcement is racist.”


Yet again, we see a pattern emerging regarding the sort of ideology being pushed at tax payers expense.


Perhaps ‘fishydude’ said it best in the comments section of Milo’s article on the issue, when asking the question:




Who indeed?





Young America’s Foundation Article

Milo Article



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