Amid widespread déjà vu, Stockholm has been hit by yet another lorry attack, just a matter of weeks since the most recent attacks in Northern Europe.


According to the BBC report, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has said he believes it to be an act of terrorism:

“Everything indicates that this is a terrorist act.”


These types of attack (including the Westminster attack which took place on 22nd March) have not been uncommon in Europe (and further afield) over the past six months.

The widespread use of these tactic stems from a terror manual downloaded by 500,000 British Muslims alone – along with many others around the globe.


Reportedly, one arrest has been made following the attack on a major pedestrian area of Sweden’s capital.


The lorry was hijacked on it’s way to a restaurant to make a delivery this morning, before the attack which took place at 15:00 local time.


According to a spokesman for the brewery who own the lorry:

“Someone jumped into the driver’s cabin and drove off with the vehicle while the driver was unloading”.


It is reported that while the attack was taking place shots were being fired in another part of the city – we are told that the shots are unrelated.


The lorry drove into the front of a store near to the central train station – the station was quickly evacuated and the metro ceased to run.


Following the attack, one Gustav Hokkanen told the BBC “I’m about 25 metres from where the incident happened. Usually I work there… It’s a total lockdown right now. It’s madness at the moment. There are lots of police outside.”


Stockholm is not alone in it’s distress at such an attack, and has joined the list of five other cities to have experienced a string of similar attacks featuring almost identical tactics in the past six months (Nice, Ohio, Berlin, London and Antwerp).


Sweden have been in international news recently for the controversy surrounding ‘no go zones’ in Swedish cities and reports of a migrant crime wave which has hit the country.


The Swedish government has not been immune to criticism over their migrant policy and will no doubt be in the spotlight even more now that Stockholm has felt the primitive force of an Islamic attack.




BBC Stockholm Report

Slaggermouth Westminster Report


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