The Grande-Synthe migrant camp in France has been destroyed by fire following a clash between Afghans and Kurds within the camp.


According to Sky News:

“Corenne Torre, head of the humanitarian group in France, said while 900 people were evacuated to safe shelters including local gyms, some 600 migrants were unaccounted for.”


In 2016, Germany announced that there were 130,000 migrants missing – keeping track of people has proven to be quite a task for European authorities.


The number of people residing within the camp had doubled in recent month (to 15,000) and while previously the majority had been Kurds, tensions rose when the number of migrants from Afghanistan multiplied.


Marine le Pen has called the conflict in which (at least) five people were injured in knife attacks prior to the camp being set alight “migratory chaos.”


According to the BBC:

“Sixty firefighters fought the blaze but it destroyed 70% of the densely packed wooden huts and left the site unusable.

France has reinforced its police presence in the area and Belgium has upped its border patrols to prevent migrants from entering its territory, the Belga news agency reported.”


This comes following reports last week that migrants staying at the same Grand-Synthe camp had placed tree trunks across a nearby road to force passing trucks to slow so that they might climb aboard and travel to other areas.


Elsewhere in Europe, Sweden has endured two days of rioting in Gothenburg during which police officers have been attacked with both rocks and Molotov cocktails.

According to Breitbart:

“At 9:53 pm on Sunday evening, police were called to the area after receiving a call about a car being on fire in a local garage. As soon as the officers arrived, they were attacked by young men who threw a Molotov cocktail at them.”


Following the arrest of the men (aged between 18-20), they discovered nine more Molotovs within the garage.

A police vehicle was also torched during the rioting in Hammarkullen – one of Sweden’s 55 infamous ‘no-go zones’.


This is expected to continue as similar eruptions have taken place in parts of Stockholm in the past month.

Stockholm also experienced the latest in the string of Islamic truck attacks to hit in Europe on April 7th.

The attacker in that instance was a migrant from Uzbekistan who was on the verge of being deported by Swedish authorities, and was a known “peripheral figure” in IS actions in Europe.






BBC – Report on Grande-Synthe

Sky News – Missing Migrants

RT – Photos and Video of Grande-Synthe Chaos

Breitbart – Rioting in Sweden


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