The youngest victim of the Stockholm lorry attack which hit Sweden almost a week ago has been confirmed as being 11 year old Ebba Akerlund.

Ebba was hit by the lorry as she walked home from school as it hurtled deliberately through a crowd and into an Ahlens department store.




According to Sky News, Ebba’s parents had launched a social media campaign on the 7th April after their daughter went missing, but have since been informed that she was a victim of the Islamic attack.

They thanked the nation for the warmth they had received given the news, and a teacher of Ebba’s said:

“There is something special about her, there’s so much life in her, and then suddenly she was not here. It’s incredibly sad.”


Ebba was one of 4 killed in this latest atrocity, alongside a fellow Swede, a Belgian and a Brit.


Following the attack, Uzbekistani man Rackmat Akilov was arrested on his way to the airport.


Akilov (who killed 4 and injured 15 last week) has requested that his state provided lawyer be replaced by a Sunni Muslim lawyer.

According to appointed lawyer Johan Eriksson, Akilov “expressly wanted to be defended by a Sunni Muslim”, claiming that only a Muslim could represent his case properly.


The request was denied by Judge Malou Lindblom given lack of sufficient reason.


According to the Express, a change in public attitude has seen the ‘eurosceptic’ Swedish Democrat Party take the lead in polls with 27.2 per cent.

Party leader Mattias Karlsson said of the European Union:

“It’s hurting our stability financially, culturally, it’s making our country less safe and less protected against organised crime. We would like to see Swexit as soon as possible.”


Elsewhere, German police have detained a suspect for the Borussia Dortmund bombing.

Despite assertions that the attack may have been committed by a far-right group and made to look like the work of Muslims, German police have confirmed that the current suspect has “Islamist links”.


The root source of the accusation of conspiracy seems to have stemmed from Antifa sources, and so should not be taken at face value.

Letters found written by the perpetrator confirm the religious motivation of the attack, but the it’s been suggested that they are fake.


Given the current trend for Islamic attacks within Europe, it seems that the answer to the question of motivation is fairly obvious.


Finally, following the latest in a series of radical Mosque closures across Paris since 2015, Muslims residing in the Torcy suburb of the city have complained of having nowhere local to pray and one community member said:

“we are going to revolt. We have done nothing wrong ourselves.”


This claim is contrary to that of the police of the French capital, who have called the msoque “a serious threat to public safety and order”, and accused the Mosque Imams of inciting racial hatred and:

“calling on members to pray for jihadists to destroy the enemies of Islam in France and around the world.”




Note: it has now been confirmed that that Borussia Dortmund attack suspect – 26 year old Iraqi Abdul Beset A has links to IS and may have lead an IS command unit in Iraq before travelling to Europe via Turkey.




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