Two days ago a decision was taken that two Afghan men who raped a Swedish woman and live streamed the atrocity on Facebook will not be deported.

Prosecutors had previously pushed for the men to be deported and banned from the country for a period of 15 years, but have withdrawn their claim.


Under the Swedish Aliens Act, Chapter 8 – Section 8:

“An alien may be expelled from Sweden if he or she is convicted of an offense that is punishable by imprisonment. An alien may also be expelled if a court sets aside a suspended sentence or probation that has been imposed on an alien and imposes another penalty.”


The crime was filmed and streamed as it took place by a Swedish man in his thirties, and the accused migrants are aged 18 and 21.


The trial began in March following the arrest of the men as police arrived while the rape was still live on Facebook – online witnesses had reported the abhorrent crime to the authorities.

The crime took place in Uppsala in January, and according to eight witnesses who watched the events on the social media website, the woman was unconscious at the time:

“There was no life in her at all.”


According to The Local:

“Prosecutor Pontus Melander argues that the woman was under the influence of alcohol and therefore considered by Swedish law to have been in a particularly vulnerable situation.”


The three men involved are also being pursued for damages to be paid to the Swedish native.


It took a full two months for the US based social media platform to hand over the video evidence to Swedish prosecutors.


Sweden has been in the news a lot recently for similar crimes and the prevalence of Muslim rape gangs – in a change of the nation’s attitude towards migrants, the eurosceptic Swedish Democrat Party are now leading the polls in the Scandinavian country.






Milo – Swedish Aliens Act

The Local – Victim Unconscious

Fortune – Video Given to Prosecutors


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