As I write this afternoon, a riot is breaking out on the campus of University of California, Berkeley.


Following the announcement of a free speech event featuring Lauren Southern of Rebel Media and other Conservative speakers, domestic terror organisation Antifa began distributing posters inciting violence towards the event and calling the organisers Nazi scum”.




Journalist Tim Pool has been live streaming the event on YouTube and Periscope.


Antifa protesters arrived to the scene at 10am, two hours before the event was due to begin.

The police have been involved from the beginning as violence from Antifa was to be expected.




This all comes after the infamous Berkeley riots earlier in 2017, when Antifa caused property damage to the university campus and assaulted passers by in a (successful) attempt to shut down a talk by Conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos.


So far, Antifa have dipped into their usual bag of tricks and employed tactics such as (illegal) pepper spray being aimed into the eyes of event attendees.

Antifa have also thrown a number of M80 firecrackers into crowds including civilians and police.




Antifa protesters on the Tim Pool live stream were heard chanting “no hate no wall sanctuary for all”, but quickly changed their tune to “Trump supporters out of our town”.

When one group leader was asked as to why refugees are welcome but not people of diverse political beliefs, she declined to comment.


The speakers at the event have talked about a united America with diversity of thought and without divisions of race and sexuality – judging by the decorum of the event organisers and attendees it’s very hard to sympathise with the black clad, masked Antifa and their volatile and aggressive tactics.


If you would like to take a stand for freedom of speech and against domestic terror, property damage and violence – click here to sign a petition to have Antifa declared a domestic terror group in the United States.





YouTube Tim Pool – Live Stream

Periscope Tim Pool – Live Stream

YouTube Tim Pool – Antifa Arrival – Antifa Petition




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