On Saturday, the University of California, Berkeley was home to a free speech event hosted by Rebel Media journalist Lauren Southern.

The event was expected to attract violent protest and possibly rioting, as some such events have done in the past.


In February of this year, Berkeley descended into rioting after an Antifa protest against a talk by conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos turned violent – multiple people were hurt and upwards of $100,000 in property damage was inflicted upon the community.

After the February riot, only one arrest was made and during the events there was reportedly little to no police presence – leading some to wonder what exactly the Berkeley Police Department are being paid to do, if not protect freedom of speech, keep the peace and prevent property damage.


In a similar manner to before, this event was doomed to violence with Antifa propaganda calling the speakers and event goers “Nazi scum” and openly advocating assault.




With tensions from Antifa raging, the police were involved from early on in the event, but requested that if people were to enjoy their protection, all event attendees must be unarmed.

Of course, this was not to be an issue because the local police department was to provide safety – wrong.


Berkeley police have received criticism since the event as videos surfaced of police sitting in their cars and refusing to answer journalists questions, while Antifa Anarchists broke down barricades and started making (illegal) use of pepper spray, M-80 explosives and smoke bombs, bricks, wooden poles and a host of other things as weapons.


Despite the brave, masked revolutionaries being armed to the teeth and ready to, as one woman put it “bring home 100 Nazi scalps” – Antifa were eventually chased away from the campus by a group of unarmed conservatives, liberals and free thinkers who weren’t prepared to allow violent radicals to silence their free speech once again.


Local police who were interviewed on camera seemed visibly frustrated with their inaction and referred all further questions to the chief of police – seemingly they were ordered to stand down despite the outbreak of violence and use of weapons.


All that aside, it has come to light today that the Berkeley Police Department website features a bizarre offer for “symbolic arrests” in it’s Event Planning section.


Berkeley Police Department offers symbolic arrests


This is an unusual offer for a police department to make – rather than trying to maintain the peaceful nature of protests, it’s seems that police are actively colluding with violent protesters to make arrests which draw attention to their causes.


The trouble is that, if implemented this would amount to the use of public money to make arrests in order to push political agendas – something many American tax payers would surely object to.


If the lack of law enforcement at Saturday’s event and during the riot in February – or even the monumental amount of property damage incurred wasn’t enough, it seems that Berkeley PD have now turned to guerilla politics in their pursuit of crooked illegitimacy.






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