Once again, the BBC must be called out on their questionable reporting of current events.


On Saturday, an Antifa protest at University of California, Berkeley turned into a sea of violent assault.

During the event, Antifa rioters were filmed attacking people with wooden poles, skateboards, pepper spray and M-80 explosives.


The protest was against a free speech event hosted by a number of conservative speakers – but attendees ranged from conservatives to liberals, some even wearing ‘No DAPL’ shirts.

For some reason, the ‘impartial’ BBC chose to report on the event in a not only selective, but downright disingenuous way.


The BBC would have it’s (rapidly ageing and fast diminishing) audience believe that the Antifa protest was anti-Trump, and related to infantile demands to see the Presidents tax returns.



Of course, as anyone with access to YouTube or social media knows, Antifa were in no way protesting President Trump – rather they were violently protesting against people’s right to freely express their opinions on social issues.

The BBC also claims that Antifa made use of “chemical sprays and makeshift weapons”, when if fact anyone watching the Tim Pool report which streamed live to YouTube (or a number of others) will have probably observed explosives thrown into crowds of free speech activists and Pool himself be pepper sprayed in the eyes.

Event organiser and speaker, journalist Lauren Southern released a video the day after the stand-off of the moment an M-80 bounced off her helmet as it was thrown directly at her.


(Note the ambiguous language: “thousands of people throwing items at one another”. I have yet to discover a single video of anyone other than Antifa throwing anything.)

The idea that fighting simply “broke out” is ridiculous considering the Antifa propaganda circulated on the UC Berkeley campus leading up to the event.

Many Antifa members openly advocated violence on the day and made no bones about what they were there to do.


The BBC also conveniently forgot to mention that Antifa members had carried the red and black flag of Anarcho-Communism – something I’m sure many Americans would find less than palatable along with the Soviet graffiti which sprang up around the campus.


I wonder, could the BBC be ever so slightly biased to protect this masked, armed (and by all accounts pathetic) domestic terror group?

It certainly seems that way.

Let’s be clear: the purpose of Antifa on April 15 was not to protest President Trump – it was to violently shut down ideological opposition, and the BBC demonstrates it’s bias by refusing to report the reality of the situation.


Petition to have Antifa declared as a terrorist organisation:

Change.org – Antifa Petition


BBC – Original Article

YouTube Tim Pool – Live Stream

Lauren Southern – Hit by M-80


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