Yesterday in Paris, a policeman was shot dead by French national Karim Cheurfi.

Two other officers were also injured in the gun attack.

The assailant was shot and killed during his attempt to escape the crime scene, but today details are emerging about his history.


According to the BBC today, 39 year old Cheurfi was identified by papers found in his car after the attack, and was a known radical Muslim who had previously targeted police.

The members of Cheurfi’s family are currently being detained by French security forces following a raid this morning.




According to the Telegraph, Cheurfi had attempted a similar attack in 2001 and had spent time in prison for it.

He was also detained two months ago for involvement in terrorist activity, but allowed to go free in the absence of sufficient evidence.


This all comes just days before the French presidential election – an election already tainted by media tampering.

Both Facebook and Google have been shown to be attempting to affect the result of the election – Facebook by shutting down ‘inactive’ accounts (many of which have been shown to be perfectly active right-wing accounts), and Google by affecting the search results and suggestions as they were demonstrated to have done in the 2016 US election.


The BBC has speculated that right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen could be set to gain votes as a result of the attack.




Le Pen has called for France to take back control of it’s borders from the EU and called Islam a “monstrous totalitarian ideology”.

Le Pen also called for the deportation of all foreign residents of the country who are on a terror watch list.


Of course, France has had a fairly rough time in recent years as a result of the import of Islam to the country – there are entirely Muslim zones of Paris and other parts of the country where it is not safe for European women to walk, as well as the numerous attacks to spring from Muslim extremism.


The most recent recent and obvious violence to erupt from the Muslim population of France was the arson of the Grande-Synthe migrant camp following knife fighting between Afghan and Kurdish residents.






BBC – Anti-Terror Probe

Telegraph – Le Pen


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