Yesterday, Empty reported that a Syrian man living in Sweden was facing charges pertaining to the arson of a Malmö Shia Muslim community centre.


(Read the previous article here.)


Security forces believe that the man has links to Islamic State and have been detaining the man leading up to the verdict today.


The arson caused $113,000 worth of damage and was featured on a US list of the top under-reported terror attacks of recent years.


The Syrian migrant has been cleared of all charges today given lack of sufficient evidence to prove that he started the fire.

The fire began with the use of Molotov cocktails.

Judge Lennart Strinäs also said in an extraordinary statement on the accusation of terrorism:

“One of the prerequisites to consider the fire in question as a terror offence is that the act could have seriously damaged the state of Sweden. For that, acts of a completely different and much more serious nature are required and according to the district court that has not been the case. The act should instead be classified as arson.”


In an obscene dismissal it seems that, despite being a clear act of terror designed to intimidate and harm Shia Muslims (although no one was injured), the arson cannot be considered an act of terror because it fails to threaten the state.

Islamic State have a long history of bloody campaigns against Shia Muslims in the Middle East, and now seemingly in the West too.


As predicted, The Local reported today that the Syrian migrant will not face deportation, despite Islamic State propaganda and instructions on bomb production being found on his computer during the police investigation.


The perpetrator also personally reported the attack to the IS Aamaq news agency – a clear show of allegiance, if not alliance.






The Local – Cleared of All Charges

Empty Electric – Previous Report


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