On March 22, a man by the name of Khalid Masood launched a sadistic and indiscriminate attack upon the UK capital.

The British Muslim (most likely radicalised in prison) drove across Westminster Bridge, mowing down innocent by-passers as he sped towards Parliament.

Upon crashing the vehicle, Masood made a break for the government buildings and fatally stabbed police officer Keith Palmer – adding to the five civilians he had murdered.

Masood was shot by armed police before he was able to do any further damage, and later died in hospital.




It has now come out that moments before beginning his rampage, Masood sent a final message via WhatsApp.

According to the Telegraph:


“The WhatsApp message is the first indication of what triggered his attack. “

This is of course, slightly disingenuous given the nature of the attack and Masoods’ having been a known extremist prior to the event.

Perhaps it can provide a little insight into the deranged mind of the hard line Muslim.

According to the Independent:

“In the message, sent just minutes before he began the rampage in which five people died and 50 were injured, the 52-year-old Muslim convert had declared that he was waging jihad in revenge against Western military action in Muslim countries in the Middle East.

The person who received the message has been extensively questioned, but freed after the police and MI5 concluded that he was not part of a plot and had no prior knowledge of what was unfolding on 22 March.”


Any British citizen who has spoken out against the ideology which gives rise to such attacks – or even professes to be vaguely patriotic in today’s political climate, will tell you that victim blaming arguments are far from uncommon among apologists for Muslim violence, let alone the perpetrators.

Some may even remember the cries of “Islamophobia” following the attack, when the obvious source of the violence was pointed out by many – the Islamic community, which fosters radicalism like no other.




The same week that the Westminster attack occurred, Empty had the displeasure of reporting this indictment:

“A recent CNRS poll in France found that, of a sample group of 7,000 Muslim girls aged between 14-16, 24% refused to condemn the Charlie Hebdo killings and 21% would not condemn the Bataclan theater massacre.”

“33% in the survey agreed that it was acceptable to participate in violence for the sake of Islam – that’s a full third.”

This week in the United Kingdom, further attacks have been thwarted by law enforcement.

Two raids took place in Kent and Willesden, London yesterday evening.

The London raid resulted in one woman being shot by armed police, and between the two operations a total of six people have been detained.

Deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Neil Basu told the BBC:

“Due to these arrests that have been made yesterday, in both cases I believe that we have contained the threats that they pose.”


Among the culprits are a 16 year old boy, a man and woman (both 20), a 43 year old woman and a further man and woman (both of 28) who later returned to the property.

All are being held under suspicion of preparing terrorist acts, and the majority are Somali.

Basu went on to praise police:

“There are constant acts of immense bravery by officers, armed and unarmed – those that the public see, where our officers run towards danger just as you saw yesterday, but a huge amount of unseen work that the public will never see behind the scenes.”

All this comes after 27 year old Khalid Mohamed Omar Ali was arrested on Thursday for an identical charge – planning and preparing to commit terrorist activity.

Multiple knives were found in the British Muslim’s possession upon arrest.


Ali had previously travelled to Gaza as an aid worker – a potential source of validation for Islamic radicalism.




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