Yesterday it was reported that yet another Islamic terror plot has been thwarted in the United Kingdom.

Four men were arrested in East London following the raids of six properties believed to house those involved in the planning of an attack.

According to the Telegraph:

“The unnamed men aged in their late teens and 20s are understood to have been under investigation for some time and detectives and MI5 officers moved in after finding evidence they were discussing carrying out an atrocity in Britain.”

The four men currently being held are aged 18, 24, 25 and 27, and are said to have planned a “significant” ,albeit primitive attack (not involving complex weaponry or explosives).

The risk of Islamic attacks in the UK is only expected to grow as more Muslims involved in the conflict in Iraq and Syria return to their home country – up to 350 such people are already thought to be back among the general population.


Elsewhere, three migrant centres in Sweden went up in flames yesterday in what are suspected to be arson attacks.

The centres in Vaxjo, Borrby and Malilla were temporary homes to migrants applying for asylum in the country, and if the police are correct in their suspicions of arson, it will not be the first time that migrant centres have been targeted.

300 people were evacuated from the building – 200 of which are being housed in a Vaxjo nursing home.

By all accounts, the fires started on Tuesday night and raged on through Wednesday morning – in one case destroying a nearby dance hall.

So far no arrests have been made and no injuries reported.


More From Sweden


This week, Empty reported that an elderly Swedish woman is to be prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ following a Facebook post in which she described crimes she witnessed – namely, migrants setting cars on fire and defecating in the street.

Sweden has become synonymous with censorship in recent times, and the Swedish state does not cease to amaze on this front.


The Swedish Institute (a government agency) recently decided to block 14,000 accounts on Twitter via their @sweden Twitter handle.

The page is curated by a different member of the public every week, and the gargantuan number of blocks was purportedly intended to “create a safe arena for curators”.


The government body accused those on the list of “threats against migrants, women and LGBTQ people”, which is bizarre considering that American journalist Dave Rubin was included – a liberal who happens to be happily married to a man.

Among those also name checked were YouTube journalist Tim Pool and political commentator Carl Benjamin – neither of whom can be reasonably thought to pose any threat to anyone other than the ideologically brittle.

“In order to be protected against online bullying it does not suffice to block an account once something happens. We also need to take preventive measures in order to create a safe arena for our curators.” (sic.)

Upon being leaked, the list was even found to contain the names of members of the Swedish parliament and one Israeli ambassador to the nation.

The justification for the affair was the branding of those on the list as having ‘neo-Nazi links or views’, and prompted justified outrage.

According to Jenny Ljung of the Swedish Institute:

“SI has been contacted by a number of people who are upset because they feel they were blocked by @sweden on false grounds. We need to take a step back in order to more carefully review our blocking criteria.”

All accounts on the list are to be unblocked in due course.


Ugandan feminist leader Victoria Kawesa would like Swedish tax payers to feed foreign rapists rather than deport them.

While the public backlash against this censorship seems promising (the Swedish public are notoriously comfortable with surrendering liberties to the state, usually without protest), the country’s Feminist Initiative Party (FI) has reared it’s ugly head with misguided plans to ban the deportation… of anyone.

After garnering one seat in the European parliament, the party have decided to push for a no deportation policy, even for those migrants who commit violent or sexual crimes.

FI leader Victoria Kawesa has remarked on the matter:

“White (ethnic) Swedes who are jailed for serious crimes are not deported. We should have a consistent policy.”

While it is disturbing to think that the leader of a growing political party would require an explanation of the difference between the citizens it is her duty to protect versus the alien rapists and assailants she ought to protect them from – by some failing of common decency, it is the current state of things.

Kawesa describes herself as an ‘Anti-Racist Intersectional Post-Colonial Black Feminist’ on her Twitter (whatever that means), and happens to be an African immigrant, herself.

MILO commented on the policy:

“Now, in a country where less than one in five migrants convicted of rape are deported, politicians are considering banning deportations of criminal aliens altogether.”




At a trade union summit this week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatened Britain with sanctions over Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to control British borders and cap the number of EU workers allowed to enter the UK:

“If the British government ends the free movement of people, that will have its price. That’s not malice. But they cannot say there will be an upper limit of 100,000 or 200,000 EU citizens, no more – this will not work.”

This is certainly not the first objection to erupt from Chancellor Merkel at the prospect of a hard Brexit, though she continues her march towards a multicultural ( or rather, ‘Merkelcultural’) Germany none the less.

Despite the German people being hit by a colossal crime wave in recent years as a result of Merkel’s dubious migrant policy, the European country is expected to welcome 300,000 more into both it’s borders and welfare state in the next year.

In October 2015, Angela Merkel argued that “more propaganda” was required to attract migrants to Germany.

Remaining in Germany, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has come under fire this week for speaking out against the burka.

A member of Chancellor Merkel’s cabinet, de Maiziere penned an article for national newspaper Bild last Sunday in which he laid out ten elements which contribute to the national identity, or “Leitkultur” of Germans.

Among others, a diligent work ethic, education on Bach and Goethe and hand shakes were all included.

Juergen Trittin of the Green Party accused de Maiziere of “right-wing rabble-rousing”, while the Palestinian born Berlin state secretary obtusely blustered that she found it “off-putting to claim virtues such as respect for education as uniquely German.”

Among the well and truly anti-patriotic establishment in Germany, cries of “problematic!” are only to be expected at the slightest whiff of national pride.


If re-elected, Angela Merkel plans to re-brand Germany to be more inclusive.


United Kingdom



Last Sunday, the Mail reported that a Ghanaian migrant had won the right to remain in Britain following a ‘proxy wedding’ to a German national conducted 3,000 miles away in Africa.

Neither party to the wedding were present, yet due to EU free movement Albert Awuku may now legally remain in the country as a citizen.

The initial refusal of Awuku’s citizenship request was overturned last week by an Appeal Court following a four year legal battle.

According to the original article:

“John Vine, chief inspector of borders and immigration, said in June 2014 that more than 80 per cent of 29 sample proxy marriages that involved an EU national marrying a non-European partner proved to be invalid.”

Speaking of marriage, it came out this week that one in five child deaths in the London Borough of Redbridge were the result of consanguineous marriages (marriages between couples who are first cousins or siblings).

65% of these early deaths occurred before the children reached the age of one.


Recessive gene defects, mental disorders and infant deaths are all common in the Pakistani community due to the prevalence of incestuous marriages.

Although less than 25% of residents in the Borough are Muslim, the high infant mortality rate has it’s root in the practises of the Pakistani community.

This month, Empty reported that 30% of children born in the UK with recessive gene defects such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia are the result of Pakistani inbreeding.

According to local Councillor Joyce Ryan:

“Although everyone is battling hard at this it is something that some communities struggle to accept and sometimes do not want to accept.”

Further Afield

Elsewhere, promising actions are being taken to deal with the culture clash and crime wave migrants have brought with them.


Austria has banned the full face veil and will implement 12-month ‘integration courses’.

The Austrian government have banned the wearing of the burka (full body covering minus the eyes) in public.

If the new law is flouted, the result will be a fine of $166 (150 euros).

Alongside the veil ban, 12-month ‘integration courses’ are to be implemented which will involve the teaching of German, employability skills and basic ethics in an effort to curb violent and sexual crimes and unemployment among migrants.

According to Deutsche Welle:

“Migrants who refuse to take part in the courses would see their social welfare benefits cut.

Additionally, the law also sees asylum seekers expected to perform unpaid public work, as part of efforts to prepare them for the Austrian job market.”


Poland’s Interior Minister considers the prospect of accepting migrants “worse for Poland than facing EU action”.

Amid threats of sanctions from the Europe Union, Poland is holding to it’s position on migrants.

This year the country refused 5,000 migrants who were attempting to relocate from Sweden, and alongside Hungary have refused to accept any migrants into their nation.

According to Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło:

“A critical attitude towards the mechanism of migrant relocation is becoming increasingly widespread in the European Union. Poland cannot accept refugees.”

The country are expected to accept 6,200 ‘refugees’ in the next two years, but thus far have refused to on the basis that they did not agree to do so.

Poland is right to be suspicious of these migrants, given the state of crime in other EU members and the financial issues expected to befall them in coming years as a result of population growth.

Despite the threats, Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has maintained that “Accepting migrants would have certainly been worse for Poland than facing EU action” – a hard position to dispute.


“Make America Mexico Again.”

Across the pond in the United States, arrests of illegal immigrants are up by 38% compared to this time last year in a bid to tackle the crime numbers among the ‘undocumented’ according to USA Today.

According to the article:

“Between Jan. 22 and April 29, ICE arrested 10,845 people whose immigration violations were the only marks on their record. That’s nearly triple the 4,242 people arrested during the same time period in President Barack Obama’s final year in office.”

Despite protestations from the political left that innocent people are being targeted, it is vital to remember that those who enter a country illegally are committing a criminal act and have no rights under the constitution of that country.







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