Finding reasons to dislike religion is easy for Western critics – there is a long and bloody history surrounding the Abrahamic faiths which goes back millennia.

Speaking up on faults found in Islam is imperative.


There are no Christians raping and pillaging their way across Europe in this day and age, and Jews are far from trusted in most societies to this day.

Muslims however, have managed to claim premier victim status in the West (and the privilege it affords them), despite all the while maintaining a tyrannical grip on the Middle East and much of Africa.


This juxtaposition has been achieved through a mixture of blurred definitions and propaganda: where does authoritarian religion end and totalitarian politics begin when it comes to Islam, and which is the root of the degeneracy seeping into European nations at an alarming pace?

Those questions are for another time, but whatever the root and mechanism of the Islamic invasion (as it is coming to be known) – the solution is surely education.

People have to be awake to what’s going on around them if they are to defend their ethical positions from newcomers.


I need not remind readers of the prevalence of inbreeding in Muslim communities, nor their propensity towards violence and sexual abuse.

Rather, let’s take a look at some of the less well known blights to arise from the ‘religion of peace’.


That said, here are three grossly under-reported practises to be imported alongside Islam – none have a place in civilised nations, yet all are very much present in twenty-first century Europe.

I’ll be focusing on recent stories from the UK in this article for convenience, though most of what is written here is true to a great or lesser extent elsewhere in Europe.





Malik Food Group is one of the largest halal meat producers in the UK – here is one of their employees inflicting unnecessary pain upon an animal.


Dhabiha is the sadistic slaughter technique used by Muslims to produce ‘halal’ (permissible) meat – the practise involves bleeding the animal to death.


In an article for the Guardian in 2013, journalist Jon Henley praised the rise of the halal food industry.

15% of meat sales in the United Kingdom are halal – a fact Henley describes as “promising”.

The article focused on the notion that a new, middle-class generation of Muslims in Britain should have access to luxury foods which are halal.

One such entitled British Muslim told Henley:

“We want things. I want to go out with friends – with non-Muslim friends, too – and with my family of course, and be able to eat halal French, Japanese, Thai, pizza, like everyone else. Michelin-starred food, if I want, why not?”

Fast forward to April 2017, and a Lancashire slaughterhouse owned by halal company Malik Food Group (MFG) has come under fire following 70 hours of undercover filming by campaign group Animal Aid.

MFG is one of the largest Halal producers in the UK, and one of their shops is located not twenty minutes walk from my house, I’m sorry to say.

Animal Aid handed the footage to the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) for review, and described the film as showing animals “having their throats repeatedly cut, as many as seven times in one case, in contravention of the law”.

The FSA took immediate action to revoke the certification of one slaughterman as a result of the evidence, but the investigation is ongoing.

This is not the first time such evidence has come out: six months earlier animal rights investigators Hillside Farm released undercover footage taken at the same Malik facility.

Sheep are manhandled and bled to death while writhing in agony and hung up while still twitching. One sheep runs to escape but is dragged back to the blood bath. A cow has it’s throat slit and struggles to break free of confinement.

100 million animals are killed in the UK every year as a part of this disgusting Muslim practise.

Exhibition of this sort of behaviour towards animals in children is considered a worrying sign of psychopathy – Muslim men are free to do it all day without consequence, and even make a profession of it.

Halala Marriage


Last month, a BBC investigation found that a number of Muslim women in the UK were paying great sums of money to undergo ‘halala marriages’.

Halala marriages are (in theory) a bizarre practise with a basis in the Quran, involving a divorced woman marrying a stranger, consummating and then ending the marriage – all as a means to validate remarriage to her original husband.

In practise, halala women are abused and violated by multiple men and imams.


Some Muslim marriages end in what’s known as a ‘triple talaq’ – where the husband says to the wife “talaq, talaq, talaq’ (‘divorce, divorce, divorce’), instantly ending the union.

In cases such as these, the husband may regret his action and the wife may wish to forgive and take him back.

These are the circumstances under which halala weddings sometimes take place.


This strange practise (often condemned even by Muslims themselves) is no more than a vehicle to abuse vulnerable young divorcees.

A woman interviewed by the BBC this year spoke of girls who had been through halala weddings, having decided against it for herself:

“They went to the mosque, there was apparently a designated room where they did this stuff and the imam or whoever offers these services, slept with her and then allowed other men to sleep with her too.”

As with many of the contemptible aspects of Islamic culture, there is a root to this practise to be found in the Quran:

“So if a husband divorces his wife (for a third time), he cannot, after that remarry her until after she has married another husband and he has divorced her. In that case, there is no blame on either of them if they re-unite, provided they can keep the limits ordained by Allah. Such are the limits ordained by Allah which He makes plain to those who know”. (2:230).

Men offering these types of marriages to women for money (sometimes reaching into the thousands of pounds) often advertise on the internet.

One Nottinghamshire man Empty found on Gumtree claimed to be a doctor.

The Muslim, Kamran Salim did not include a price in his advert, but did include his mobile phone number for women to contact him via.

In the advert, he describes himself as “genuine” and “honest”, claiming to want to make his so-called service “easy and comfortable to use”.


Muslim men like this are often simply using vulnerable divorced women for sexual gratification coupled with monetary gain.

Breast Ironing


Red hot stones are used to burn the breasts of girls as young as 9 in order to prevent natural development during puberty. The results are deformity and health issues.

‘Breast ironing’ is a tradition among African (notably Cameroonian) Muslims, involving burning hot stones being rubbed (and in some instances beaten) on the breasts of girls aged between 9-15 in order to prevent them from growing.

The repressive practise is performed by the girl’s mother or grandmother, and affects 3.8 million African women.

In parts of Africa such as Cameroon, girls are routinely raped by Muslim men when they reach puberty – breast ironing is done in order to postpone this onslaught.

Writing on the issue of apologetics in 2015, activist and victim of both breast ironing and female genital mutilation Leyla Hussein noted:

“The words ‘culture,’ ‘tradition’ or ‘religion’ might come up when trying to explain this absurdly harmful practice, but as in the case of FGM [female genital mutilation], these words are only thinly veiled excuses…I underwent FGM for my ‘safety,’ too. “

Breast ironing may be a cause of cancer, and in any case causes abscesses, cysts, inability to produce milk and malformation of the developing body parts.

According to UK organisation Safeguarding Schools, up to 1,000 girls growing up in the UK are at risk of being subjected to the horror of breast ironing due to West African immigration.

In 2016 it was found that 15% of UK police services were not even aware of the existence of such a thing.

Of children’s services, 65% said that they could use more guidance on how to find and deal with these types of abuse.


I hope this article has enlightened and informed you on a few (more) of the practises which are increasingly arriving on our shores and at our doorsteps, and has given you pause to re-evaluate the common postmodern assertion that ‘all culture is equal’.

It is not.



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