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Following the Islamic attack on Manchester last Monday, the UK conversation on Islam and extremism has been stepped up a notch.

In the days after the bombing, more and more details emerged revealing the background and mentality of the attacker – Salman Abedi.



Manchester’s Muslim bomber Salman Abedi – the son of refugees and former junkie who killed British children at a concert on Monday.


Though born in the UK, Abedi (killed in the attack) was the son of Libyan refugees.

Abedi also attended Didbury Mosque in Manchester – a hub with a history of harbouring radicals.

He also had a typical history of dysfunction: a university dropout, ex-drinker and cannabis smoker – Abedi seems to be yet another example of a junkie turned jihadi seeking redemption through the death of infidels.


At the time of writing, the number of arrests to sweep the UK in the wake of the Manchester attack has risen to eleven men aged between 18-44.

Police armed with sub-machine guns have also been deployed to key at-risk locations around the country for the past week, though the national terror threat level has been reduced from the height it reached last week.


(For more on the Manchester Attack, click here)


Salman Abedi has reinvigorated the national debate surrounding refugees and Islam, and questions on the effectiveness of public safety measures.


On Saturday, it was reported that the number of jihadists in Britain had been hugely under-represented to the public.

We had previously been informed of 3,000 Muslims on a terror watch-list – 500 of which being the subjects of active investigation.

This week it came out via Whitehall sources that the true number is seven times larger than previously known, and comes to an astonishing 23,000.

This number is reached by including those considered T3 in the MI5 risk rankings, meaning ‘casual acquaintances’ of those under active invesigation – the tier both Salman Abedi and Westminster attacker Khalid Masood were placed in before collectively killing and injuring well over 100 people in 2017.



Four Muslim men gang raped a 16-year-old girl in the flat above this Ramsgate kebab shop.


Elsewhere in the UK, on Friday four Muslim men were found guilty of gang raping a 16-year-old girl by a Crown Court in Canterbury, according to the BBC.

The crime took place in a flat above a kebab shop (owned by one of the perpetrators) in Ramsgate, following a plea for directions from the lost teenager.

The men promised to help her find her way home, before taking her to the bedroom of the flat and repeatedly raping her in a sex made frenzy (now a familiar tale in Europe.)

“They kept swapping over. They were having sex. I told them to stop. I moved but they just carried on.”

Following the crime, one of the men Rafiullah Hamidy fled the country to Italy, but was caught and extradited back to the UK to stand trial for his vicious crime.

Aged 18, 20, 24 and 37, the four degenerates await their sentences.


Rafiullah Hamidy fled the UK in an attempt to escape justice for his disgusting crime – he was returned to the country by Italian authorities and has been convicted alongside four others.

This type of barbarism is undeniably due to the import of a certain culture – but though violence and sexual crime are the obvious result of un-assimilated Muslim populations, they are not the only downfall of ‘multicultural Britain’.

On Thursday, the Daily Mail reported that the 2017 Aurora Humanitarian Index survery had revealed that over 50% of Britons feel that their culture is threatened by the influx of migrants.

According to the poll, 56% said that British culture was threatened by ethnic minorities in their country, and 24% felt that migrants took jobs away from natives.

A notable 34% also added that minority groups took more from society than they gave back.

On the same day (May 25), the University of Bath, England published research carried out by their Business Economics faculty which found some interesting trends regarding migrant labour.

According to the new paper, migrant workers are initially over three times less likely to be absent from work compared to native workers – something the researchers attribute to overcompensation for lack of employable skills and grasp of English.

However, this work ethic appears to be short lived and lasts only two years after arrival to the UK workforce, after which absence levels among migrant workers rise to match those of their British counterparts.




On May 22, a Ghanaian man was charged with aggravated rape and predatory blackmail after violating a German girl in front of her partner.

The crime reportedly took place ten days after the migrant had been informed that he would face deportation from the country due to his request of asylum being rejected.

The German couple were camping in April, when the 31-year-old brute cut open the tent they slept in and threatened them with a tree saw.

After robbing the couple, he proceeded to rape the 23-year-old European until her partner was able to alert the police, prompting the assailant to flee.

He was caught days later wandering around nearby to the scene of his abhorrent behaviour.



The Ghanaian migrant raped a German woman in front of her partner. The couple were threatened with a tree saw.

According to Deutsche Welle this week, Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is currently coming under fire for not utilising language recognition software which they have had access to for some time.

Given that 60% of those requesting asylum upon arriving in Germany do so with no ID or papers, the software in question (which could reportedly have begun to be implemented last year) could help speed up the important process of deporting those who enter the country without legitimate cause – such as the aforementioned Ghanaian gentleman.

German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claims that multiple terrorist could have been kept from their nefarious activities within Germany had this software been previously utilised – among them, Tunisian Anis Amri who used multiple identities (including one Egyptian) before driving a truck into a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market in December 2016.

Although some have cast doubts on the effectiveness of the technology, or the practical viability of such measures – it is clear that something must be done to counter the import of crime and terror via fake refugees to the European nation.

Of course, given the propensity for second generation Muslim immigrants to become radicalised irrespective of their parents, this software if implemented would have no bearing on homegrown degenerates.

Finally for Germany, a man interrupted a minute’s silence held by Protestants in Berlin to squawk obtuse leftist slogans to his congregation.

“Why do people flee? Because it is bad for them where they are. Why is Africa bad for the people? Because the West exploits Africa.”

The silence was in honour of those who had drowned attempting to reach Europe on boats from Africa – the great majority of whom are economic opportunists.

After lecturing the crowd on asylum rights, the man was removed by security – sadly he never got a chance to explain to his fellow countrymen exactly what he was accusing them of doing to so damage the livelihoods of an entire continent.




In a two day period, on May 18-19 a staggering 4,400 migrants (mostly from sub-Saharan Africa) arrived in Italy.

Prior to this latest wave, the country had already seen  45,785 flood to their shores since the beginning of 2017 – marking a 35% increase on the numbers for the same period a year previous.


A report by the Confcommercio in 2016 revealed that the crime rate among legal migrants was double that of native Italians – when considering illegals the rate rises to over 50% (148 criminals out of every 247 persons).

The majority of these migrants (as always) were ‘rescued’ mere miles from the shores of Libya and ferried across the sea to their welfare-laden, prosperous new homes in Europe by NGO boats.


Milan marchers chanted “no human is illegal” and other dull non-statements in their fight for open borders.


One of the areas of Italy hit hardest by the rapid increase in criminal migrants flocking to the country this year has been Milan.

Despite this, on May 20 Milan saw another open borders march.

Protesters demanded a Europe “without borders” and announced (in all their blunted wisdom) that “no human is illegal”.


Despite the absurdity of the statement, considering that Europe was home to the very idea of equity – Pierfrancesco Majorino of the Democratic Party spouted:

“It’s time for Europe to become more equitable and inclusive.”

Still no word on when the same demand will be made of Japan or any African country…

Contrary to the self destructive ideals of Italy’s political left, the government have their own ideas, and have passed legislation this year designed to speed up the much needed deportation process for the huge number of African opportunists currently residing in the country.




Elsewhere in Europe, more migrant violence has been directed towards law enforcement in Sweden.

On May 26 The Local reported that police had been pelted with “stones, plates and frying pans”, causing officers to crash their vehicle.

According to the article, police had been pursuing a man for a number of parking tickets on Thursday and the investigation lead them to a migrant camp in Swedish city Uppsala.

Upon arriving at the camp to search for the culprit (who had reportedly been spotted there), the onslaught began but the officers managed to escape without major injury.

Two arrests were made once reinforcements arrived – the original criminal was not among them.


In Austria on May 24, it was reported that a migrant who raped a young European boy is to be released from prison after a mere four years in prison.

During his trial, the despicable paedophile stated that his reasoning behind the crime was that he “had not had sex for four months”.

Apparently the only option left to him was to rape a minor.


Amir A (the perpetrator) dragged the boy into a locked changing room at a swimming pool and sexually assaulted him – leaving the young man in need of hospital treatment for his injuries.

Amir and his lawyer requested a retrial, arguing that “the original trial had not done enough to discover if he knew for certain that his victim was saying no” – despite his victim being 10-years-old at the time.

The result has been a reduction of his sentence by almost half.



Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo continues her battle against EU leadership to protect her nations women and children from Muslim sex criminals – leadership that most European nations cannot boast.


Further afield, Europe’s slightly less cucked leaders have been speaking out once again about the issues facing the continent today.

Speaking in the country’s parliament two days after the Manchester attack (which killed a Polish couple), Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło slammed the EU political elite in typically thundering style.

“Where are you headed Europe? Rise from your knees and from your lethargy or you will be crying over your children every day.”

“If you can’t see this – if you can’t see that terrorism currently has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.”

“It needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions.”

Szyldo is not alone in her concern – Dutch politician Geert Wilders stated his view on Islam in no uncertain terms.

Whatever your opinion of Wilders: his forthright manner is to be applauded.

“This is a book [Quran] which even contains more anti-Semitism than Mein Kampf. It is full of calls to violence.”

“If there would be any Nazi temples in the Netherlands everyone would be outraged if we would allow it. Islam does not belong in our country.”


Finishing with France


In sickening news this week, Gatestone Institute reported that French President Mackerel has been praised by The French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to the article, the group published an official communiqué, saying:

“Muslims think that the new President of the Republic will allow the reconciliation of France with itself and will allow us to go farther, together.”

The article noted that “Macron, who won by default, suffers from a deep lack of legitimacy” due to almost half of his voters saying they only chose him because he was a better option than Le Pen (considering her family history).

This isn’t an issue for Macron – since he is incapable of earning voters, he plans to import a hoard of them from the third world.

The Institute has also disparaged Macron’s economic plans as ‘cosmetic’ and socialist – unsurprising given that the chief political strategist involved, Ismael Emelien worked on the election campaign of Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro.


President Mackerel is seen here welcoming new voters – sorry, I meant migrants.

However, in Macron’s France the crime wave continues.

Migrants gathered at Calais have continued to block roads and attack British lorry drivers in attempts to gain passage to the United Kingdom.

“They set up roadblocks using dustbins, and then tried to stop lorries heading for England so they could get aboard. Two windscreens were smashed, while another lorry had its tyres punctured. One driver was taken to hospital with face injuries.”

The latest reported attacks happened on the afternoon of Sunday 21 May, and warranted the rush of riot police to the scene.

Pauline Bastidon of the Freight Transport Association, said:

“There is a need for urgent action by the French government to ensure the area is policed adequately, and to protect drivers transporting goods, so trade can continue to flow freely.”

I’m afraid I have little faith that President Macron will oblige such calls to action – he wouldn’t want to appear Islamophobic now, would he?






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