This afternoon, French police shot and injured a man who attacked a police officer with a hammer outside Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The assailant had shouted  “this is for Syria” during the attack according to the BBC.

During the immediate aftermath of the incident, those inside the cathedral were locked in for their own safety.

One of those inside was former US White House Deputy National Security Advisor, Nancy Soderberg.



Deputy National Security Advisor to US President Bill Clinton tweeted from inside Notre-Dame Cathedral.


Paris remains on high alert.


United Kingdom


It has been an unquestionably trying week for the UK.

Another terror attack hit the country’s capital on Saturday evening, just five days before a general election – an attack which killed seven.

As of shortly before this writing, the third of this week’s attackers has been named as 22-year-old Youssef Zaghba, a Moroccan-Italian man (we will return to Moroccan migrants later, in the Sweden section of this article).

Zaghba was joined in the attack by those already identified as 27-year-old Pakistani Khuram Butt, and 30-year-old Moroccan-Libyan Rachid Redouane.

All three were Muslims, as I’m sure I need not tell you.

All three were shot within a quarter of an hour of the moment the attack began.



Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba were shot at the scene of the attack the carried out.


Twelve people were swiftly arrested in the UK in possible relation to the attack, but all have subsequently been released without charge.

32 people remain in hospital – 15 of which are in critical condition as a result of this latest atrocity.

(For the Empty article published the morning after the attack, click here.)


One day prior to the most recent London attack, on Friday an area of Southern Manchester to which Manchester bomber Salman Abedi had ties was cordoned off by security services.

A bomb disposal team were called in, a suspicious car was seized and a 24-year-old man was arrested by Greater Manchester police.

This marks the 17th in a string of arrests following the Manchester attack, which took place on May 22 and killed 22.


Although the mainstream media reaction to the Manchester attack was (as is to be expected by now) reprehensible, one international news agency sunk to a new low following Saturday’s London attack.

American media giant CNN was caught generating fake news when a by-stander filmed behind the scenes footage of a news crew organising a group of Muslims into protest formation, before a hack presenter launched into a fawning monologue on the virtues of Muslims standing against violence.

The news that CNN has a habit of pummelling their viewers with falsifications and lies will come as a shock to none but those who have been residing under rocks for the past decade.

However, this is surely to be seen as a new low.

CNN and the associated media have done little to defend themselves against accusations of being less than truthful in their London coverage, other than to call their accusers ‘Alt-Right’ or racist.


If only Muslims were willing to stand against violence of their own volition, CNN wouldn’t have to conjure up a resistance.


Perhaps more directly relevant, last week it was reported that the number of migrants in Calais trying to cross the channel to the United Kingdom has reached 700.

Despite a short break from chaos, Calais has regained a number of migrants who left after burning down their own camp last year.

These migrants have had skirmishes with the police in recent weeks after blocking roads and attempting to climb aboard lorries heading for Britain as a means to enter the country illegally.



Migrants attempt to enter the UK illegally by climbing aboard trucks carrying goods to Britain.


Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association, Richard Burnett told the Express:

“I was in Calais nine weeks ago and we had to travel 40 miles before we found any migrants. In the last few days alone the number of migrants in the town itself has doubled. Those we spoke to believe there to be 700 in the same situation as themselves – all intent on reaching the UK by whatever means possible. If French authorities don’t contain the situation we’ll be back to square one with not enough security.” 


Eritrean migrant Christian Belete told the paper:

“It doesn’t matter how we get there – car, truck, we try. We want to go to Britain because opportunity is there.”


One migrant who entered the UK illegally in the wheel arch of a truck made news last week after 73-year-old British journalist Lynn Barber told the story of how he took advantage of her hospitality and her household.

The elderly woman had allowed a male, Sudanese ‘asylum seeker’ in his twenties to live in her house in a commendable act of charity.

Except for the fact that the Sudanese man, Mohamed proved to be a less than agreeable lodger, to say the least.


According to Barber, Mohamed engaged in regular drug use and downloaded pornography on to her personal computer.

According to her account, the final straw came when, during an argument the fraud revealed himself to be an opportunist migrant rather than a genuine refugee.



Screenshot 2017-06-06 at 16.22.18

The Sudanese ‘asylum seeker’ revealed himself  to be an opportunist.


Mohamed also revealed that (despite claiming weekly benefits) he was in fact reasonably wealthy, and that his wife was to join him in the UK – just as soon as she finishes her degree in Pharmacology.

It is suspected that the money the migrant used to fund his lavish lifestyle of Sudanese cuisine and marijuana, purchased on London’s infamous commons was sent to him by his wealthy family in Sudan (Mohamed’s father is reported to have four wives and 18 children).




Given our focus in this article so far on pretenders (and specifically Moroccan pretenders), let us first look at how this problem translates to the Swedish migrant experience.

In the last week, the Swedish press have reported that the issue of misrepresentation and falsification of asylum requests is a bigger problem than previously admitted.

Svenska Dagbladet reported that of 77 people coming to Sweden from the North African country, 65 were proven to have false documentation.

Similarly, of 50 Moroccans who claimed to be underage, only two were, in fact minors – that’s a mere 4%.

Border police chief Patrik Engström was able to comment:

“Although it is a small sample and of a specific nationality, and despite the limitations, it is the first time we have been able to verify the alleged identities and ages, thanks to the system of fingerprints found in Morocco.”


Although this is a marked step forward (especially in a country with a horrific record of attempting to hide it’s level of migrant crime), whether this will result in significant number of deportations remains to be seen.


One Swedish fringe journalist who is speaking out about the considerable weight migrant crimes puts upon Swedes is Joakim Lamotte:

“Young girls tell me they are sexually harassed by newcomer guys both at school and outside of school. They say they do not feel safe in the school corridors. They say they have stopped going home by themselves after school. They say they do not take the bus either.”


Lamotte has highlighted in his recent coverage of migrants claiming to be minors that many sexual crimes go virtually unpunished in the country because of lenient sentences given on the basis of falsified age.

After having visited schools around his country every week for the past year, Lamotte is also all too aware of the other problem faced by women and children who become the victims of migrants, given the lack of reverence for free speech the Scandinavian country has shown – stigma:

“They are called racists when they talk about their reality and what they face.”


At the other end of the spectrum, outspoken anti-nationalist journalist Kristina Lindquist went on a tirade last week, when she called Swedish politicians who appeared in front of the nation’s flag “super-nationalist”, and when asked her opinion of the National Day of Sweden celebrations, she replied:

“I do not intend to celebrate such a country.”


While Lindquist blamed nationalism for all Europe’s ills in the twentieth-century, she forgot to mention the recent study which found that 90% of shootings in her country since 2013 were carried out by people who had been born in other countries – begging the question: why are progressive journalists so concerned with nationalism when it is internationalism which appears to be killing their countrymen in the present day?



Jimmie Åkesson is now the leader of Sweden’s second largest political party – the Sweden Democrats.


It is clear that the nation is asking itself this tough question among others, as a recent opinion poll from Statistics Sweden (SCB) suggests that the right-wing Sweden Democrats Party have superseded the Moderate Party as the main opposition to the leading progressive parties ( who often seem more concerned with PR, suppression of crime stats and criticism of Donald Trump than protecting their own voters).

The Sweden Democrats are polling at an astounding 18.4%, compared to the 35.6% the leading Green and Social Democrat Parties expect at the next election combined.

The anti-immigration party are now the second largest contender in Sweden.




Moving to Germany, on Tuesday 30 May a 17-year-old was arrested in Uckermark, Brandenburg on suspicion of plotting to carry out a suicide attack.

Although the arrest came after a message was intercepted in which the young man claimed to have ‘joined the jihad’, according to local police the suspected Syrian was released due to lack of evidence:

“The Syrian nationality and concrete attack plans could not so far be confirmed. The investigations continue.”


The migrant had come to Germany in 2015 and lived off the state ever since, according to Brandenburg Interior Minister  Karl-Heinz Schröter.


According to the Gatestone Institute, alongside terrorist activity, Muslim migrants have also brought with them other atrocious practises such as so-called ‘honour violence’ and ‘honour killings’:

“Increased censorship by the police and the media, aimed at stemming anti-immigration sentiments, makes it impossible to know the names and national origins of many victims or perpetrators, or the true circumstances surrounding many murders, which often appear to be honor killings but are downplayed as “domestic disputes” (Familienangelegenheiten).”


Gatestone also reported this week that knife crime had significantly increased in the period since German borders were opened to the last wave of third world migrants:

“The surge in knife-related violence in Germany does coincide with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow in some two million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The number of reported knife crimes in Germany jumped by 600% during the past four years — from about 550 in 2013 to nearly 4,000 in 2016.”


These are damning numbers indeed, and make it all the more worrying to hear the reaction of German emergency service operators upon the reporting of a crime Empty covered in a previous article – the rape of a German woman by a Ghanaian migrant in the presence of her partner.

When the young man reported the rape of his girlfriend to the emergency services, he was asked “You are not messing with me I hope?”

Following the crime, the German carried his partner along a main road looking for help as the police failed to arrive at the scene of the violation.

Officers reportedly only arrived after further phone calls and once the couple had reached the nearest hospital to seek treatment.


The eventual surfacing of these details shines a light on the singular failure of German police to adequately protect or serve the young citizens of their country.



Police thought that the report of a rape committed by a Ghanaian migrant was a joke, and failed to arrive at the scene.


Germans need not worry however, their country’s security forces can be counted on to deal with the real criminal activity which poses such a threat to the fabric of the German people…

Last week Breitbart reported that a 62-year-old German woman is to be fined 1,350 euros.

Her crime?

“an utterance capable of inciting hatred and denigration of the human dignity of others.”


The elderly lady has, in fact been punished for sharing a meme on Facebook which was disparaging towards migrants.

Following the ‘crime’, the Berlin resident, Jutta B. had her house raided by police and was subsequently arrested.

Jutta also received death threats from Antifa members (prior to the deletion of her Facebook account), who maintain a disturbing presence in the German capital.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière justified the police actions saying:

“Violence, even verbal violence, in any form and in any context is unacceptable.”


Of course, there is no such thing as verbal violence.




In other migrant related news, forty-four died of thirst in the Nigerian desert last week when the truck which was transporting them broke down.

The migrants were on their way to Libya to attempt a crossing to welfare laden Europe, and were a mix of Nigerian and Ghanaian in origin.

Six of those who had been aboard the truck managed to walk to a town and get water.

According to Danish organisation 4mi, it is likely that more die in the desert of thirst in such circumstances than drown in the Mediterranean.


On a separate (but not unrelated) note, the church in the Netherlands is proposing the replacement of a Christian public holiday marking the second day of Pentacost with Eid-al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan.

On June 2, Dutch politician Geert Wilders published an article criticising the bizarre move of the church to replace it’s own holy days and invite Islamic culture into public life:

“If we want to remain the free and tolerant society which we used to be, we must realize that the West has a concrete identity. Our identity is not Islamic, but based on Judaism, Christianity and humanism. Our freedoms result from this identity. By depriving Islam of the means to destroy our identity, we are not violating freedom; we are preserving our identity and guaranteeing freedom.”



Geert Wilders is one of the few European politicians willing to talk about the cutural impact of Islam upon our identity and our freedom.


Wilders is not alone in his stance against Islam.

Following the latest attack on London last weekend, Polish MEP Ryszard Czarnecki explained why Poland is unique among European countries in it’s extraordinary record when it comes to avoiding Islamic terror:

“When it comes to reducing the chances of Poland being hit by terror attacks, the only proven method is to not allow in Muslim migrants.”

“As far as Britain we are already spoken several times to remove the radical immigrants, not tolerate them, If a radical Muslim cleric in a mosque calls on his brothers in the faith who listen to him to fight the infidels, well, I think that there are grounds to expel such an immigration policy.”


Elsewhere, Greek authorities are investigating two US aid workers who are accused of misusing funds and sexually exploiting asylum seekers.

The US charity, Mercy Corps are also conducting an internal investigation into the alleged crimes, and in the meantime have suspended a grant due to be paid to those involved according to the Telegraph.

This is not an unprecedented abuse of the migrant influx, as the Italian mafia were found to be involved in migrant trafficking in their own country not too long ago.







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