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If you’ve been following Migrant News for the past weeks or even months, you will know that the situation in Calais has been fluctuating quite considerably.

Following the destruction of the Jungle migrant camp in October 2016, it seemed that the number of criminal migrants running amok on the roads and streets of Calais had abated.

However, after a number of weeks of relative peace, the region saw a resurgence of migrant activity as a number began blocking roads and attempting to climb aboard lorries bound for Britain.

One Sudanese migrant named Mohammed (whose story was included in last weeks Migrant News) even managed to enter Britain by hiding in the wheel arch of a vehicle.


Well, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that 150 armed police had been drafted to the area following the use of burning roadblocks by migrants.

This is at least the third instance of such tactics being used, but so far as I am aware it is the first time that the blocks have been set alight.



Migrants climbing aboard a truck heading for the UK via the Channel Tunnel – notice the age and gender of these ‘refugees’.


The lowest estimates for the number of migrants loitering and living in Calais presently say 300, but other educated guesses place the number as high as 700.

Amid reports of road-blockers carrying clubs and even resorting to violent acts, such as the smashing of windscreens – Pauline Bastidon, of the Freight Transport Association had this to say:

“There is a need for urgent action by the French government to ensure that the area is policed adequately, and to protect drivers transporting goods, so that trade can continue to flow freely between France and the UK.”


Moving to the UK itself, one side effect of Muslim migration to the country of the years and decades has been the rise in Islamic terror, not to mention other abuses.

Last Sunday one campaign group, UK Against Hate took to the streets of Manchester (the city which saw the bomber Salman Abedi murder innocents attending a pop concert on May 22) to say ‘enough is enough’.

Eight arrests were made at the March Against Sharia amid the throwing of bottles and mild violence.

The infamous Antifa also made an appearance: always a surefire way to turn a peaceful event into an arena for political violence.


The event was widely misreported as an English Defence League (EDL) event due to the involvement of organiser Tommy Robinson, who founded and then split with the EDL a number of years ago.

According to Greater Manchester Police:

“There have been eight arrests for public order offences, which is not uncommon for a demonstration of this size.”


However, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham was less forgiving.

Unable to resist the opportunity for defamation, the Mayor took it upon himself to label the anti-Sharia protesters “EDL types” in a preaching tweet.

Of course, there was no comment on the multiple reports claiming that (as often seems to be the case in recent memory) it was Antifa who descended into violence, rather than the marchers.




Even after being corrected, Burnham didn’t seem concerned by his mistake, and announced that he ‘honestly’ didn’t care – for which he was deservedly slammed by commentators for the spread of false information and his poor attitude towards the Manchester residents who took part that day.




Of course, once the lie of the involvement of “EDL types” had reared it’s ugly head, as far as the MSM were concerned it was an actual EDL demonstration, as announced by the particularly disingenuous headline run by Metro that evening.



#FakeNews doesn’t do it justice.


Speaking of Tommy Robinson, he seems to be the only one willing to cover the issues migrants are bringing to the UK – including, of course, Manchester.

At the end of last month, Robinson posted to his YouTube channel a video taken by a Manchester resident of two migrant men being caught stealing flowers and children’s toys from a memorial dedicated to those killed in the Manchester bombing not a fortnight earlier.

The migrants were made to put the items back and scolded by on-lookers.


Migrant men were caught removing flowers and children’s toys from a memorial dedicated to those killed in the Manchester bombing.


Finally for the UK, it has been reported this week that the infamous 21-year-old British IS defector from Oxford Jack Letts – better known as ‘Jihadi Jack’ – is currently residing in a Kurdish jail in North-East Syria.

According to Jack, he travelled to Syria to join the jihad, before changing his mind and leaving IS held territory via mine fields with the help of a Syrian smuggler.

Jack travelled to Jordan and then on to Syria after converting to Islam in his English hometown of Oxford, and even travelled to Iraq at one stage, where he now has a wife and child.



‘Jihadi Jack’ is the mirror opposite of our usual subject matter: rather than bringing violence and Islam to Europe from the Middle East, he travelled to the region to join in the debauchery.


Jack’s parents are now calling on UK authorities to help their son, despite his essential status as a defector.

They have also stated that they are not convinced their son is guilty of doing “anything at all”, but would, in any case like him to return to the UK to be punished for any wrongdoing (at a cost to the British tax payer, of course).




Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi has called for a halt to migrants being sent to the historic city:

“We cannot permit the creation of more social tensions. That is why I am saying it is impossible, risky even, to think about creating any new reception structures.”


This call comes following the news that the Interior Ministry expects 250,000 migrants to arrive in the country in 2017 – eclipsing the 180,000 who arrived the previous year.

According to the BBC report, a mere 40% of these migrants have a legitimate claim to asylum – the rest being economic opportunists who only come in search of the welfare states of Europe, and not seeking safety from war.


The debate around migrants coming to the Southern European country was sparked again this weekend when, in 23 separate operations on Saturday and Sunday 2,850 (mostly African) migrants arrived via NGO ships and with the assistance of the Italian Coast Guard.

Of course, NGO ships are virtually a ferry service at this point as reports in recent weeks have them picking up migrants mere miles from the Libyan coast and shuttling the masses across the sea to Europe – something for which humanitarians have been criticised by Admiral Ayob Amr Ghasem of the Libyan Navy.



Once again, notice the age and gender of these ‘refugees’.


This is not the first such influx to hit Italy over such a short period, and more are to be expected given the closing of what was formerly the favourite root for migrants attempting to reach Europe.

The number crossing the border from Turkey to Greece has been reduced twenty-fold, yet this has only resulted in a jump in the number crossing the Mediterranean from Africa.

In 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) the number to enter Europe via Greece in 2015 reached 850,000.

However, the number to arrive in Italy this year so far is 43% greater than those to arrive in the same period last year as a result.

In short: the influx shows no sign of slowing down.


In light of the numbers, one is forced to entertain the prospect of major demographic replacement as the likely outcome – especially for a country with a rapidly ageing population and low fertility rate, such as Italy.

According to the Gatestone Institute this week:

“In 2050, a third of Italy’s population will be made up of foreigners, according to a UN report, “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Decline and Ageing Populations”, which designs a cultural melting-pot that could explode in cultural and social tensions. The level of arrivals will fall from 300,000 to 270,000 individuals per year by 2065; during the same period, it is expected that 14.4 million people will arrive. Added to the more than five million immigrants currently in Italy, 37% of the population is expected to be foreigners: more than one out of every three inhabitants.”


And so, once again the question must be asked: what will become of Europe once indigenous Europeans are no longer the majority?




According to The Local last week, it is being alleged that some shameless German men have taken to claiming fatherhood of the children of migrant women living in the country, therefore garnering citizenship for the child and permanent residency for the mother.

In Germany it is not a requirement that a man be biologically the father of a minor to claim fatherhood, but according to Minister of the Interior Undersecretary Ole Schröder “The estimated number of unknown cases is high.”

Regardless of the truth of the story, in the majority of cases it seems that German law would allow for little to be done to curb the deceitful behaviour, despite the claim made by Berlin prosecutor Martin Steltner that:

“In some cases we have people who have claimed fatherhood for over ten babies.”


Meanwhile, newly appointed German Family and Youth Minister Katarina Barley is unveiling plans to tackle extremism in the nation – both Islamic and Nationalist in nature.

Although Barley has asked for greater preventative measures to be taken in German prisons, she has also mirrored calls from fellow authoritarians such as British Prime Minister Theresa May to prevent radicalisation online – despite there being little to no evidence that such an investment would be effective in doing anything more than curbing civil liberties.

A full 100 million euros are set to be invested in combating Islamic extremism, and further money is to be set aside to stem German right-wing movements and ideology.



Katarina Barley wants to tackle internet ‘hate speech’ alongside prison radicalisation and child jihadis.


Finally from Germany, a Berlin court convicted a group of Syrian and Libyan migrants on Tuesday for a vicious attack upon a homeless man.

The crime took place last Christmas, and saw the group of foreigners attempt to set fire to the unassuming homeless gentleman as he slept on a bench at a subway station in the city.

The ringleader of the horde, a 21-year-old Syrian man was sentenced to serve 2 years and 9 months prison time for attempted grievous bodily harm.

The Syrian claims to have only intended to startle his victim when he set fire to pieces of paper and placed them beside the sleeping man’s head.



The Syrian and Libyan migrants who attempted to set a homeless Polish man on fire as he slept hide their faces in court.


Of the others involved, three aged between 17-18 were given 8 month suspended sentences as accessories to the crime, and two further such aged 16 and 19 are to spend a month in a youth detention centre and participate in community service for failing to help the victim despite being present.

The final member of the group was already sentenced to 2 weeks of juvenile detention, also for failing to aid the homeless man.

Immediately after the crime, subway customers were able to put out the flames which surrounded the unfortunate European who fell prey to the degenerate migrants.

A Polish man, although unharmed his few possessions were almost all destroyed by the fire.




In Norway, a bill has been proposed which would outlaw the wearing of veils in nurseries, schools and universities.

According to Torbjorn Roe Isaksen, the Norwegian Minister of Education and Research:

“These clothes prevent good communication, which is important for students to receive a good education.”


According to Breitbart, the bill is expected to be passed as law in early 2018, and will transform what until now has been a regional call into a nation-wide policy.



Elsewhere, in intensely liberal Sweden it was reported this week that new information had been made public about the number – and more interestingly, nature of those choosing to travel from Sweden to countries such as Iraq and Syria to join the jihad.

The Local reported that Säpo has estimated that approximately 300 people had gone to the Middle East to join Islamic militant groups in the 4 year period between 2012-2016.

76% of those were men, and 18% were aged 19 or younger.

A further 60% were in their twenties and while 3/4 were Swedish citizens, only 34% were actually born in the country.



The scene of the ‘hate crime’.


On a separate note, a man who drove his car into a crowd of pro-migrant demonstrators in Malmö, Sweden was not a Muslim – despite any previous speculation to the contrary.

The group of Iraqis protested last Sunday outside the Malmö Migration Agency offices, before the 22-year-old drove over several of their signs and crashed his car into a tree.

The man, who supposedly has ties to the Nordic Resistance Movement locked himself in his car while the Iraqis crowded around him until the police arrived.

The crime is being investigated by a special hate crime unit, who allege that knives and a swastika were found in the car.




Meanwhile, the dispute between Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic and the European Union over the refusal of those countries to accept Middle Eastern and African migrants (thereby putting their citizens at risk, just as other European nations have so readily done) has come to a head.

The EU has begun the process of taking legal action against those steadfast nations, and the obtusely named European Court of Justice (ECJ) could impose heavy fines as a result.

While the Czech Republic have accepted 12 of the 2,000 they were asked to harbour by the EU, Hungary and Poland have not accepted a single one – preferring to challenge the quotas which they had previously voted against in years gone by.

A Polish government spokesman stated a logical and reasonable position in response to the threats levelled against his country by the EU:

“Each decision to relocate groups of migrants encourages thousands or millions more at the borders of Europe, to come to Europe, to get on boats and pontoons and risk their lives to reach the European continent.”


Although the prospect of a union-smashing hard Brexit seems sunk now, and France has fallen to the spineless Europhile President Mackerel – Reuters reported this week that there are still forces at work which threaten the oligarchy of the European Union:

“Beyond its borders, the EU is also facing a resurgent Russia and a tricky new relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump.”


There may well be hope, yet.







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