For those apologists who would have us believe that Islam is just like every other faith, that there is no link between Muslims and violence and that there is absolutely no link between Islam and terrorismthere is an interesting website in place of an all out antidote –


Among other things, the website has kept track of the 31,084 reported Islamic terror attacks to have been carried out since September 11 2001, and has given yearly and monthly reports on the proliferation of Jihadist violence going back to that year.

Described on it’s website as “a non-partisan, fact-based site which examines the ideological threat that Islam poses to human dignity and freedom”, TROP is a truly valuable resource for the layperson when examining the Islam issue, providing a wealth of quotes and commentary on the texts, prophet and surrounding culture (even if the website does occasionally sink to crude attacks on celebrity loons).


As is their custom, TROP gave regular reports and updates on the violence which abounded throughout Ramadan this year, monitoring what they called the ‘Ramadan Bombathon’ – a fitting title, to be sure.

The website collected articles pertaining to 174 Islamic terror attacks, resulting in the death of 1,595 people in the mere four week period which began on May 26 and continued until Eid al-Fitr (‘breaking the fast’) on June 24.


Alongside the Muslim violence, the scorecard also featured space for attacks carried out in the name of other faiths and the number killed as a result, yet that slot remained decidedly empty (as it did in 2016).


The final count was for attacks upon and deaths of Muslims at the hands of ‘Islamophobes’ – or those who oppose Islam.

In 2016, no such attacks were reported during the month, but in 2017 a full 2 were included (although the criteria requires quite a stretch).

Of those 2 Muslims killed in this way within the time period, one was Mohammed Yunus of India, who was shot on June 24 by youths.

The other was 51-year-old Makram Ali, who was the only person to die following the Finsbury Park attack in London five days earlier, but had reportedly suffered a heart attack prior to the event.


It is clear what the trend is – and it has lead not only to the aforementioned wave of destruction of human life, but the injury of a further 1,960 people across 29 countries.

The issue of Islamic violence today appears to be truly globe-spanning.



The Ramadan Bombathon 2017 Scorecard from


Just as they had the previous year, in 2017 Islamic State called for violence to be enacted upon  European people by those sympathisers who could not make it to IS controlled territory.

“Muslim brothers in Europe who can’t reach the Islamic State lands, attack them in their homes, their markets, their roads and their forums.”


Following the Manchester Arena attack which killed 22, the group stated that “targeting of the so-called innocents and civilians is beloved by us and the most effective, so go forth and may you get a great reward or martyrdom in Ramadan” – perplexingly but typically managing to put across both the dogmatic commitment of priests and the cold zeal of authoritarian pragmatists.



IS called for violence in Europe during Ramadan this year, as in the past.


Of course, the Islamic militant finds a brother in arms in the Islamic apologist – and such people have been out in force once again during the last month to protect and defend that quiet and shifty majority who do not act upon, yet consistently fail to condemn such calls to violence.


In the predictably titled May 31 article ‘How terrorists warp the meaning of Ramadan to justify their atrocities’, Max Bearak of the Washington Post complained of “dissonance and heartbreak” at the warping of the festival, and of the “perversion” of the month by Muslim terror groups.

Bearak argues against the IS view that Shiite Muslims (often targets of violence in Iraq, where they are a minority sect) are not proper Muslims, or even that they are apostates.

And yet his position seems to very comfortably reflect their own – in claiming that the extremist is not a real Muslim, one espouses the same fallacious and elitist argument as the Islamic State degenerates.

This can hardly be considered either productive or preferable.


While the article does mention the Battle of Badr which occurred during Ramadan in 624 BC – the battle fought by Muhammad against Jewish-Arab tribes for Mecca, which ultimately ended in the genocide and enslavement of the conquered peoples – the grisly details and actions of the Prophet during that period seem to have been suspiciously omitted.


Bearak (not one to disappoint) also manages to slide in a tasteless, obligatory and at this point, banal victim card condensed into the single sentence:

“Most of the victims of Islamist terrorists are other Muslims, after all.”


It begs the response: ‘well, let’s see some widespread condemnation, and a little more apostasy wouldn’t go a miss!’


I’m happy to inform you that US President Trump has taken a stand (if only implicitly) against the madness and savagery of the holy month by ending the two-decade old tradition (started by Hillary Clinton in 1996) of hosting a White House dinner on Eid al-Fitr.


One DC Muslim leader expressed his disapproval that Muslims would cease to enjoy this special treatment:

“How come you don’t have time for a population of your society that needs some assistance? The message that it sends is that we’re not that important.”


Amusingly, across the pond in Britain the ever hyperbolic Independent newspaper reacted to the dinner cancellation as if it were an attack on the First Amendment rights of US citizens.

The fallacious and pathetic argument offered in the article by hack journalist-editor Will Gore goes that Trump is somehow damaging the legacy of constitutional achievement in the United States by not hosting a dinner…

“The trouble with Trump is that he appears to be as unbothered by America’s proud constitutional achievements as he is by the need to promote unity among all of America’s peoples.”


For those who are not familiar, the First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly and the right to petition.

It does not guarantee the right to eat dinner with the President.

I repeat: constitutional rights do not extend to dinner invitations.



Constitutional rights do not extend to dinner invitations.


To conclude, Ramadan this year was a bloodbath, and will continue to be so every year for as long as radical Muslims go unchallenged – and by radical, I am referring to the 50% who believe homosexuality should be illegal in Britain according to Channel 4 data from 2016, and the 26% of young American Muslims who believe that suicide bombing is justifiable according to a 2007 Pew Research poll (a number I can hardly believe will have decreased during the decade between then and now).

It is not just the violent who are the problem; it is the mass of silent supporters and enablers who may lack the spine or conviction to attack, but nevertheless have chosen their side already.


Happy Ramadan.






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