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Beginning with a story that comes at a cost to the British taxpayer: it was reported last week that a violent Somali migrant to the United Kingdom is to be paid damages for being unlawfully detained while awaiting his deportation.

The brute, Abdi Yusuf has a record of 10 convictions for 20 crimes, and has done prison time for both actual and grievous bodily harm since coming to the UK illegally in the 80’s.

At a trial regarding his assault on a young British woman, a 999 call recording was presented, which was described by a Stratford Magistrates court judge as:

“The most distressing 999 call I have heard in some time.”


Yusuf was found guilty in his absence, but was tracked down by the authorities shortly afterwards so that he might stand trial for a separate crime.

Although Yusuf is (finally) to be sent back to Somalia, he is to receive a payout before he goes as it has been found that a portion of his detainment was unlawful.


On Saturday June 17, 15 Iraqi migrants were discovered hiding in the back of a lorry in Sussex in the South of the country.

According to local police, two of those found were taken to hospital as a result of dehydration, while the driver of the lorry who had been trafficking them was arrested.

Of the 15, 13 were men (of course), and the driver has been said to be a 63-year-old man with no fixed address.



Of the 15 Iraqi migrants discovered, 13 were men.


This story is becoming more and more common across the Western world, as 5 days later Breitbart reported that Texas troopers had discovered a number of illegals in the back of a U-Haul van who were dehydrated and had endured temperatures inside the vehicle of up to 140 degrees.

Among them were three Brazilians, one Salvadoran, one Guatemalan, one Honduran, one Ecuadorian, and one Mexican.

After receiving the appropriate medical attention, the migrants were taken into custody by US Border Patrol agents – in this case, all 8 of them were adult males.


Returning to Britain – an elderly English couple have described to the Daily Mail how they were robbed at gunpoint by migrant thugs on the outskirts of Paris in a June 26 article.

The grandparents, Peter and Jill Stubbs were driving in Saint-Denis when traffic came to a halt.

The migrants who smashed the windows of the couples BMW and made off with passports, a £400 camera and £300 worth of travel money, are suspected to have chosen their victims because of their Great British license plate.

Mr Stubbs reported that the traffic had been caused for this very purpose by motorcyclist members of the gang:

“We had seen migrants on scooters and motorbikes clocking people, they were riding up and down looking into the cars, so I told my wife “for goodness sake put your handbag on the floor” because it was on her lap.

I then became aware of two men on foot either side of the car. I looked into the mirror and the one on my side was carrying either a gun or a knife. 

While I was watching him, the front passenger window came through. The other man had smashed it in with a brick or rock.

“He then reached into the car where my wife was sitting and then pulled his arm out again so he could clear more of the glass. He then grabbed my wife’s handbag. We were shocked, just frozen in fear.'”


The Brits claim that local police refused to investigate the incident, which prompted the Stubbs to swiftly leave France via the Channel Tunnel.

The couple will apparently not be replacing their stolen passports, as they have been scared into not wanting to travel outside of the UK again – as good an argument as any for the closing of borders to migrants.

“We’re not going to bother getting new passports. It’s frightened us so much we don’t want to ever leave Britain again.”


According to a poll conducted for the Sunday Times, the British people would choose Brexit again one year on from the historic referendum – with 52% voting out.

The survey confirms the mandate (which is so vehemently denied by the left) for a hard-Brexit, echoing a more specific YouGov poll which recently suggested exactly that.

Given the news between the Brexit referendum and the present, who could blame them for wanting out?


On June 24, the Telegraph reported that more than 40 foreign convicted terrorists had used legislation from the Human Rights Act to remain in the UK.

The information comes via a Home Office study which shows that legal aid funded lawyers had managed the feat amid the collapse of the Deportation With Assurances (DWA) scheme, which was once touted as being the route to a faster, more effective deportation procedure in cases such as that of infamous Al-Qaeda cleric Abu Qatada – the only person ever to be successful deported under the scheme.



Abu Qatada was returned to Jordan to stand trial in 2013, and is the only person to have been successfully deported under the DWA scheme.


At a time when 35 people have been killed (and numerous injured) in Islamic terror attacks in the UK since March, this is a damning indictment upon the ability of the British Home Office to ensure the safety of citizens.


While some scramble to rid the country of the Islamic menaces, some are naively inviting more to Britain – among them, Labour peer Lord Dubs.

Speaking to the House of Lords on Tuesday protesting the ending of the ‘Dubs Scheme’ for child refugees, Dubs said “I am not sure children know what their rights are and that should be explained to them. “

Well, if they are anything like the ‘child refugees’ in Sweden (who happen to be 96% adults, as reported in a previous Migrant News article), they are quite mature enough to know that they have absolutely no right to enter a country half a world away from their own.

He also called for the UK to “share some responsibility” for these migrants.

Of course, the British State should take as it’s first responsibility the safety of the British people – which, if Lord Dubs had his way, would be severely compromised.


Finally for the UK, a native man has been sentenced to more than a year in prison for posting his thoughts on Muslims to Facebook.

According to Sussex Police ‘Hate Crime Sergeant’ Peter Allan, “Nigel Pelham [the vagabond in question] used Facebook to express some truly offensive views, with no understanding of how serious his actions were.”

The disturbed authoritarian Sergeant with the laughable job title continued:

“I encourage people who witness such content, to report it to the provider of the social media platform, but such reports can also be made to us online.”


As Joshua Yasmeh of the Daily Wire poignantly wrote in summation:

“A bloke with a job title that sounds like it’s straight out of 1984 is actually calling on civilians to rat out their neighbors, friends, and family if they post something that might be deemed “hateful” on Facebook.”


What is equally disturbing and unprofessional is the manner in which Sussex Police seemed to rejoice in making an example of Pelham – for which they were deservedly scolded by Twitter commentators.



Sussex Police made an example of Pelham, who faces more than a year in prison for mere Facebook posts.




In Germany free speech is also apparently under attack (as ever), as last week it was reported that 36 homes had been raided over social media ‘hate speech’.

Of course, it goes without saying that the great majority of those arrested for what they had written online were right-wing.

According to Federal Criminal Police Office President, Holger Münch in a wildly ironic statement:

“The still high incidence of punishable hate posting shows a need for police action. Our free society must not allow a climate of fear, threat, criminal violence and violence either on the street or on the internet.”


As of April, the Orwellian country will now fine social media sites up to $53 million if they failed to remove so-called ‘hate speech’ within 24 hours of posting.


Despite all these measures being enacted upon citizens to protect the feelings of ‘muh refugees’ and assorted Muslims and foreigners, attempts to conjure up some kind of a Muslim solidarity movement have failed miserably.

A ‘peace march’ in Cologne on Saturday June 17 was expected to draw 10,000 Muslims to stand with the victims of Islamic terror – needless to say, it did no such thing.


Following the tiny event (attended by a few hundred at most), Muslim groups took a pathetic defensive position, as reported by ABC News:

“The Turkish-Islamic Union argued it would send the wrong signal by suggesting that international terrorism is mainly a Muslim problem. It also said Muslims observing the Ramadan fast couldn’t be expected to march for hours in summer temperatures.”


It appears that taking offence and remaining comfortably cool during the Summer are higher up the list of priorities for Muslims in Germany than standing in solidarity with those who have been maimed and killed by others of their faith.

Of course, this is of particular importance given the location of this snub – Cologne having been home to the infamous New Year’s Eve sexual assaults of 2015/2016, in which gangs of up to 2,000 Muslim men roamed the streets systematically raping as many as 1,200 European women.

Perhaps if organisers had planned the event closer to January and provided a few white women then they could have attracted a larger crowd?



Cologne natives making their stance against ‘rapefugees’ very clear.


Finally for Germany: it seems that migrants are extending their nefarious and criminal activity in more economically lucrative directions than their usual fare.

In Schleswig-Holstein North Germany, police have raised concerns about the involvement of migrants in the drug trade.

In the city of Lübeck knife violence among Iraqi, Afghan, Syrian and North African migrants is on the rise and is believed to be linked to the sale and supply of narcotics.

Similarly, in nearby Austria drug crime has risen by 10% as a result of the influx of Nigerian dealers to the country.

Selling the illicit substances is no doubt a quick and easy source of cash for migrants with an average IQ in the 70’s and a criminal record longer than their resume.



Angela Merkel’s open border policies have led to a rise in drug related crime.




In April, Empty covered the story of a Swedish girl who was raped in January by two migrant degenerates who streamed their disgusting crime to Facebook – only ending their vile broadcast upon the arrival of Uppsala Police.

Last Spring, it was decided that the two rapists would do prison time in Sweden (at public expense) alongside their cameraman (a Swedish citizen, technically) rather than be deported.

After serving only a few short months in prison for his reprehensible crime, the man responsible for filming the 3-hour-long gang rape was released back onto the streets of Sweden.

That said, I am sad but hardly surprised to inform you that the 24-year-old Iranian was arrested on Friday June 16 after he attacked his own family with a knife.

When the police arrived, the moron also attacked a police officer – and is set to add charges of assault, attempted aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer to his already damning record.



Two migrants raped a Swedish woman for 3 hours, meanwhile another man filmed the crime – he has since attacked his own family and a police officer with a knife.



Elsewhere in Sweden, a number of people have been evacuated from a migrant centre which was set on fire last week on both Wednesday and Friday in what seems to be fast becoming a trend.

According to The Local, Swedish police are unsure whether the arsonist was the same person or two separate culprits, although a number of migrant residents at the centre near Ystad are currently suspects.

It has not been announced when the centre will reopen given the damage, and at the present time 35 migrants are being housed at a conference centre nearby.



The migrant centre in Ystad was set on fire twice last week, possibly by a resident.




Elsewhere in migrant news, a Britain-based and Moroccan-born Muslim cleric has been arrested in Birmingham and is to be handed over to Spanish authorities.

The 43-year-old, Tarik Chadlioui (also known as Tarik Ibn Ali) is accused of recruiting for Islamic State, radicalising other Muslims and creating propaganda videos for IS.

He is also known to have preached at a Paris mosque attended by Bataclan bomber Omar Mostefai – the pro-Palestine Muslim who went on to slaughter 130 innocents in November 2015.

Furthermore, Chadlioui is thought to be the spiritual leader of an active terrorist group in Spain, and has long been a regular traveller to Belgium – his last visit having been earlier this month.



Tarik Chadlioui (also known as Tarik Ibn Ali) was arrested in the UK and is to be handed over to the Spanish authorities.



It was decided by the parliament of the Czech Republic on Thursday that citizens should have not only the right to bear arms, but to use deadly force in the event of a terror attack.

The parliament is moving to oppose EU gun regulations, which prohibit the ownership of semi-automatic weapons.

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec had this to say on the matter:

“We don’t want to disarm our citizens at a time when the security situation in Europe is getting worse. Show me a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon.”


There is an undeniable injustice behind the EU tendency to place citizens in harms way, while simultaneously rendering Europeans ill-equipped and largely incapable of defending themselves in the situations with which they are nowadays all too often faced.

I for one would feel all the more comfortable were I able to invest in a deadly weapon with which to defend myself – given the atmosphere in Europe at the present time, and the liability for the situation to deteriorate further in coming years.


Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński scolded a BBC ‘journalist’ this week, arguing for democracy and representative government.


For our final story, let’s look at something at once spectacular, welcome and hilarious.


Dominik Tarczyński, MP for fellow Visegrád country Poland scolded a liberal BBC ‘journalist’ this week during a radio interview for the World Service.

When asked why Poland was not ‘honouring’ the EU migrant allocation program, Tarczyński gave the admirable response:

“Well, basically because people who voted for us, they said no. The previous government had this agreement and now Polish people said no, we don’t want to have this threat in Poland… and we have to respect them.”


When the (now agitated) BBC hack claimed that people in other European nations did not care about ‘internal bickering’ in Polish politics, Tarczyński replied with the searing:

“It’s not about internal politics. It’s about the situation in Poland, in Europe, in the world. How many terror attacks have you had in London? We had a campaign. We listened. We asked people: ‘What are your expectations?’ [The answer] was very clear: ‘We don’t want this threat’… Politicians are supposed to listen to the people, and this is what we do.”


And to end, the ex-lawyer pointed out the fallacious nature of the BBC discussion of what they will insist on referring to as ‘refugees’.

“There is a legal difference between refugee and immigrant. A refugee is [a] person who flees to the first safe country, not flying throughout the globe looking for [a] social and better life, so we are not talking about refugees.”


Get Rekt BBC.








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