On July 21, Right-Wing (some may say Alt-Lite) former Rebel Media and now independent journalist Lauren Southern posted a video to her YouTube channel announcing that her Patreon account had been deleted for ‘not complying with website guidelines’.

For those who aren’t aware, Patreon is an online service whereby individuals can pledge to donate money every month to their favourite content creators – be they musicians, journalists or jugglers.

By all accounts, this was Lauren Southern’s main source of income until a few days ago.


In the video, Southern shows the email she received from a (disingenuous) representative of the company, throughout which it was insisted that Patreon believes in freedom of speech, debate and the “empowerment” of content creators.

Well then, so far so good… right?



According to the email, Southern is suspected of being in the process of “currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life.”

This bizarre justification came with the swift reinforcement:

“Please know that we have come to this decision after a long review process and will not consider an appeal.”


Journalist Lauren Southern explains her situation regarding Patreon and funding.


With the remainder of her video, Southern takes the time to refute the rather incendiary accusations levelled against her, and in fact makes quite a convincing case that even if she were more actively involved with the Identitarian political groups which she reports upon, she would likely actually be working towards the prevention of loss of life by way of disposing of unsafe rafts used by human traffickers (one of the activities of Defend Europe, and something which could and should be handled by NGOs or government authorities were they willing)!


We need no longer labour under the pretence that such companies are without their agenda and without active bias.

You may browse for yourselves the radical Left-Wing Patreon accounts which are free to race bait and stir up resentment for the police and authorities.

There is no such punishment for them.


[If you would like to become a supporter of Lauren Southern and her journalism, you can do so by visiting patreonsucks.com.]


While such Left-leaning organisations may masquerade as the arbiters of free expression, all the while silencing those voices who report the uncomfortable and disseminate the facts regarding a spiralling migrant problem, these are by no means the only tricks the forces of ‘cultural enrichment’ have in store for us.


At times like these, as Europe comes under siege (from within and without) it must be considered imperative that those of us who would resist do not allow ourselves to be distracted with minutiae concerns.

As insufferable as Anarchist whinger Noam Chomsky may be (and he most certainly is), I believe he was absolutely right when he placed ‘distraction’ as first and foremost in his ’10 strategies of manipulation’.

“Maintaining public attention diverted away from the real social problems, captivated by matters of no real importance. Keep the public busy, busy, busy, no time to think.” – Noam Chomsky, Silent Weapons for Quiet War.


Just last week it was reported that King’s College London is to remove the busts and portraits of some of it’s key founding fathers and contributors from their prominent display positions, only to replace them with ‘black and minority ethnic scholars’.


It seems that as the debate rages on over whether Europeans are to be replaced demographically – the replacement in our halls of learning is, symbolically at least,  already underway.

And yet as our cities and establishment are filled with aliens and their likenesses, we are left to squabble over decor and such insults to the heritage of our institutions.


Among those set to be replaced by lesser minds, are Dr. Henry Maudsley, the controversial British psychiatrist who donated the large sums necessary for the opening of the original medical school, and Sir Frederick Mott, the man responsible for drawing up early university courses in the field of psychiatry in the 1890’s.

According to the establishment’s own Professor Patrick Leman, the memorial artwork for those two great English contributors to both their field and their university is to be replaced by a  – it has to be said – somewhat less humbling “wall of diversity”.

The reasoning given by the revisionist Professor Leman goes that the current artwork displayed inside the university’s main entrance feature “almost entirely white middle-aged men”.



While one might expect those who created King’s College to take pride of place among the art furnishing it’s halls – apparently that would make the minority students far too uncomfortable…


“We’re trying to reflect the diversity in terms of students we have, but also trying to be more inter-cultural, more international in terms of how we develop the science.”

While the desire of minority students to be ‘reflected’ everywhere they go may appear at first to be mere narcissism, what it in fact signifies is the call to action of the few small fish which has realised the weakness of the one larger fish.

Our weakness is our quiet surrender of both our principles and our culture – this cannot be disputed.

However, it is something which does not go unnoticed by opportunists, and who could blame them for exploiting such a situation?

Thus, although the university’s Conservatives Association has objected to the plans as “political correctness gone mad”, still they press on.


Of course, this cultural assault is not merely consigned to the arena of education, as we British are learning more and more as time goes on.

This week one major news story was the issue of pay equity at the BBC – something which until very recently nobody cared about, and were arguably right not to.


What began as a moronic and time-wasting discussion on the lack of women in the top earning positions at the media organisation (although women appear to make up around the 1/3 that you would expect of any meritocratic workplace, as per private sector), quickly descended into a juvenile debate over whether women should earn as much as their male peers irrespective of experience, productivity or draw.

Of course, once the ball started rolling it would have been a shame to lose momentum, so the opportunistic Left-Wing media leapt at the chance to turn the already spurious gender issue into a racial one.

Of course, this also turned out to be a complete non-issue – 10 of the 96 staff who earn over £150,000 are of ethnic minorities, leaving them ‘under represented’ by a mere few per cent at most.




Oh look, exactly the result you would expect to see in a meritocratic, almost entirely white country.

‘Why stop there?’

That is the question Sky News Political Correspondent Lewis Goodall asked himself before writing an article entitled:

“The BBC gender pay gap is bad – but its class gap is worse.”


I need not elaborate, I’m sure you’ve read a dozen or more pages of such ‘class-war’ nonsense in the press this week alone.


I suppose that the point I’m making is this: we are at a pivotal moment in time for our Nations, continent and ourselves as Individuals insomuch as our rights and prosperity require both preservation and defence against those forces which would seek to take them from us – both external and internal.

So, as they try to cut our journalism and activism off at the knees, and as the relentless multikulti machine continues to churn all in it’s path into something drab, non-European and obnoxiously brown – it is important now more than ever that those who value knowledge, culture and the West remain focused, principled and determined.

These ills are the mistakes of those of a persuasion, and to some extent a generation which succumbed to Utopian ideas, myths of hippy peace and love and worst of all: the sort of relativism which makes one deaf to the evils of ideology and blind to the goodness in one’s own culture and future.


Be that as it is, it is our job to not allow ourselves to be distracted – if you take your eyes off Europe for too long, when you look back there may be no Europe left for you at all.


“You’ve questioned and criticised everything, so we now believe in nothing and no one.

You’ve left us no values, yet you now accuse us of being amoral.

But we are not.” – Markus Willinger.



YouTube – Lauren Southern Patreon Video

Patreon Sucks – Donate to Support Lauren Southern in her Journalism

Daily Mail – King’s College to Replace Art for Diversity Reasons

BBC News – Gender Issue Becomes Race Issue

Sky News – BBC Class Gap


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