Migrant News: Human Rights Loopholes, Assault, People Trafficking, and Brexit in the UK, Thought Policing, Drug Dealing and a Failed Muslim March in Germany, Knife Attacks and Arson in Sweden, Armed Robbery, a Moroccan Hate Preacher and Staunch V4 Resistance

Migrant News: More Calais Roadblocks, The Lies of A Manchester Mayor and ‘Jihadi Jack’, Another Wave of Migrants Hits Italy, German Fatherhood Fraud and Migrant Assailants, Norwegian School Veil Bans, Swedish Islamism and More European Resistance

Migrant News: Notre-Dame, London and Uckermark Terror, Swedish Nationalism, Moroccan ‘Child’ Migrants, Sudanese Fraudsters, The Failure of German Police and The Continued Resistance of Geert Wilders

Migrant News: UK Manchester Bomber and Ramsgate Rape, Language Recognition and a Ghanaian Rapist in Germany, Open Borders Marches in Milan and the Small European Resistance (Plus President Mackerel)

Manchester Attack: Events, Aftermath and Reaction

Migrant News: UK Terror Arrests, Inbreeding and Brexit, Arson and Censorship in Sweden, German Identity, Austrian Burka Ban and US Illegals Arrested

Migrant News: German Seizure of Property, Swedish ‘Hate Speech’ Prosecution, Migrants Impersonating Christians, UK Protests and a Rotherham Rape Gang Victim Speaks Out

Migrant News: Iraqi Rapes Swedish Child, Sweden’s Changing Opinions, British Jihadists Charged and Italy Continues Deportations

Migrant News: Merkel Wins French Presidency, Russian Hacker Plots Remain Unsubstantiated and More Migrant Rape in Germany

Cambridge University Falls Prey to the Social Justice Virus

McDonnell and the Labour Party Radical PR Problem

Westminster Terrorist Wanted Revenge: Further Islamic Attacks Thwarted in the UK

Obscene Swedish Verdict: Syrian Man Cleared of Terrorism

Islamic Paris Shooter Previously Targeted Police

UK Terror Trucks & Islamic Arsonist in Sweden

BBC Parades Chinese Muslim

BBC Misrepresents Berkeley Violence

Berkeley Police: Public Money Funds ‘Symbolic Arrests’

UC Berkeley: Antifa Demonstrate Their Lack of Validity (Yet Again)

BLM Members Linked to IS and US Protest Groups Call Terrorists “Marginalised” and “Vulnerable”

Africans Rape Swedish Girl with Little to No Consequence (Again)

Chechen Newspaper Threatened for Reporting on Islamic Abuses

Migrant Rapists Will Not Be Deported From Sweden

Fears over North Korean Nuclear Threat Rise

RIP Ebba Akerlund (and Other Migrant News)

#SaveDinaAli: Another Woman Feminism Failed

French Migrant Camp Destroyed, Sweden Endures Molotovs and Rioting

Germany: Islamic Law and the Fight Against Nazism

Asylum Seekers Foisted on Poor Areas as Labour Loses Working Class Votes

IS Target Egyptian Churches on Palm Sunday

RIP Chris Bevington

Stockholm 6th City to Experience Lorry Attack

California Student Ostracised for Wearing an Inoffensive Hat